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Welcome to the Catholic Foundation

for the Diocese of Saint Cloud

The Catholic Foundation for the Diocese of Saint Cloud was established on August 17, 2000 to serve parishes, Catholic schools, organizations, and Catholic families and individuals throughout the Diocese of Saint Cloud through endowed funds. Catholics across all sixteen counties of our diocese can establish their own named funds or family foundations with the Catholic Foundation’s expertise and help. Those who wish to leave an end-of-life planned gift for their parish, school, or another non-profit that is dear to their hearts, can rely on the Foundation for professional assistance.

Offering scholarships and initiatives that support Catholic education.

Our Catholic communities have received nearly $2.2 million in grants

through the Catholic Foundation for the Diocese of Saint Cloud.

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Sponsoring and Supporting Events that Advance our Faith.
Highlights of the Catholic Foundation's Fall 2018 Pilgrimage to the Ireland
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