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Saints Anne & Joachim Fund

The Saints Anne and Joachim Fund was created to train teachers of excellence in the highly effective, scientific, and simple method of Natural Family Planning (NFP).

Saint John Paul courageously challenges NFP teachers to extend their commitment beyond a mere scientific knowledge of a woman’s fertility towards a more serious approach that values the gifts of life and love.


NFP ministry involves the following:

    • Instruction on human fertility and procreation including a fundamental education of the fertility cycle and how to interpret the physiological signs of fertility

    • Enabling couples to understand motivation and other factors that affect their decision making with regard to responsible parenthood

    • Formation in recognizing the value of moral commitment and spirituality that reinforces the human decision while integrating wholesome attitudes toward parenting and family life


Education will help couples become proficient and secure in using NFP and the Catholic Foundation is committed to supporting these efforts.


For more information contact the Catholic Foundation at 320-258-7653.

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