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Year End Giving

Consider a year-end gift to the Catholic Foundation. 

It will touch and impact the lives of so many in our communities.

Your year-end gift to the Catholic Foundation will benefit seminarians, youth,  families and pro-life initiatives across our diocese through one or more  of our foundation funds.

Seminarian Education Fund

Support our Seminarians!  Your gift will be used solely to pay for tuition, textbooks, and room and board for seminarians working toward  Priesthood for the Diocese of Saint Cloud.


Catholic Schools Student Scholarship Fund

A perpetual source of Catholic grade school scholarships for families that struggle with tuition. As an endowment fund,  gifts are made from investment earnings.


Generation Next

A spendable fund that supports youth  programs, retreats and faith enhancing  events across the diocese.


Mother Mary’s Fund for Life

Established specifically to save the lives of  unborn children by assisiting all 14 crisis  pregnancy agencies in our diocese, and helping Catholic schools and parishes provide quality pro-life  and chastity training.

Download a Year-end Donation Form

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