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Planned Giving

Prayerfully consider the ways you can help build the Body of Christ here in our diocese, by making a gift to benefit one or more of these Catholic values. The opportunity to donate to any of the following funds is provide at the bottom of this page.




Mother Mary’s Fund for Life:

Established solely to save the lives of unborn children, by assisting all 12 crisis pregnancy agencies in our diocese, and helping parishes and Catholic schools provide the best pro-life and chastity education.

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Saints Anne and Joachim Fund:

A new fund created to train teachers of excellence in the highly effective, scientific, and simple method of natural family planning (NFP). Make a Donation





Catholic Schools Student Scholarship Fund:

A perpetual source of Catholic grade school scholarships for families who struggle with tuition costs. As an endowment fund, gifts are made from investment earnings. Make a Donation

Student Scholarships Too:

A spendable version of the Catholic Schools Student Scholarship Fund. Your gift will immediately provide assistance to families who need a “hand up.” Make a Donation


Generation Next:

A spendable fund that supports youth programs, retreats, and faith-enhancing events throughout the Saint Cloud Diocese. Make a Donation




Seminarian Scholarship Education Fund:    

An endowed fund supporting the financial needs of seminarians, as they dedicate themselves to prayer, study, and discernment of God’s call to the priesthood. Make a Donation


Monica Dehler Vocations Office Memorial Fund:

Provides financial support for the Vocation Office of the Saint Cloud Diocese. Make a Donation




Fr. John Kaiser Social Justice Fund

This fund honors Fr. John Kaiser’s memory, by promoting Catholic Social Justice in line with Catholic values and teaching, as put forth in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  We hope it will become an endowed fund in the near future. Make a Donation

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