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The 8th Annual Breakfast with the Bishop will be held virtually this Saturday, May 1, at 9:00 am. This 30-minute program will include an interview with Bishop Donald Kettler, and video clips showcasing some of our vibrant Catholic elementary schools. The virtual event is free to attend and can be accessed from the comfort of your home.


Breakfast with the Bishop raises funds for the Catholic Foundation Catholic Schools Scholarship Fund, which reached a million-dollar milestone in December. Since its inception in 2013, the fund has distributed 884 scholarships totaling $277,400. This spring, an additional 126 students in grades K-8 will each receive $400 scholarships towards tuition right here in our diocese. 


Please join us in celebrating and sustaining all the ways our Catholic faith continues to thrive across central Minnesota this Saturday for Breakfast with the Bishop!


With gratitude,

David Eickhoff, Executive Director, The Catholic Foundation

Alice Coudron, Events Coordinator, The Catholic Foundation

Click here to join the virtual 2021 Breakfast with the Bishop.

About the Catholic Schools Student Scholarship Fund

The Catholic Foundation established the Catholic Schools Student Scholarship Fund in 2011. It came about as the result of numerous listening sessions with lay and ordained members of our diocese who were asked to identify issues they viewed as most important to our parishioners, families, and Catholic life. It became clear that the dwindling population within our Catholic schools was critical, and the core cause of the crisis was the cost of tuition for our young families.

Creating a fund, in the beginning, is easy. You give it a name. The work begins when you strive to equip the fund to address its core need. Since 2011, the foundation has been raising dollars to do just that. The Catholic Schools Scholarship Fund hit $1.3 million in December of 2020. Because of the generosity of people like you, we have been able to distribute the following:

  • $13,500 to 17 schools for 45 scholarships (2013)

  • $20,100 to 18 schools for 67 scholarships (2014)

  • $24,000 to 23 schools for 80 scholarships (2015)

  • $33,900 to 25 schools for 113 scholarships (2016)

  • $30,000 to 25 schools for 100 scholarships (2017)

  • $34,500 for 115 scholarships (2018)

  • $34,500 for 115 scholarships (2019)

  • $38,100 for 124 scholarships (2020)

  • $50,400 for 126 scholarships (2021)


Since 2013, 884 scholarships have been given totaling $277,400!

2021 Breakfast with the Bishop: Saturday, May 1, 9 a.m.

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