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Our Mission


To receive God’s gifts gratefully,
tend to them responsibly,
share them with others in justice and love,
and return them with increase to the Lord.

About the Catholic Foundation

The Catholic Foundation for the Diocese of Saint Cloud was established in 2000, to nurture stewardship and philanthropy throughout the diocese by:

  • tending to, and distributing annual grants from larger endowed funds, such as the “Living the Promise” funds

  • educating others about the foundation, estate planning, gifting opportunities, and the spirituality of sacrificial giving

  • responsibly managing funds for parishes, institutions and individual donors

  • assisting families and individuals who wish to honor loved ones or leave their own legacy through a named fund

  • serving others as Christ would have us serve

The Catholic Foundation for the Diocese of Saint Cloud currently manages assets in excess of $19 million. In addition to “Living the Promise” endowment funds, donors to the foundation can choose among a number of fund options, or create their own fund, to benefit their favorite charities.  In addition, the foundation offers life-income arrangements through various instruments.

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